About us

A grass roots sim racing club

Welcome to 27Racers – a quiet corner of Gran Turismo Sport and Gran Turismo 7 * where like minds can race the best cars and circuits without fear of torpedo or rage quit. This is a side-project (so bear with us as we go) but one we're serious about – sim racing offers a democratisation of motorsport like never before. From grass roots, the aim of 27Racers is to grow a new kind of racing club.

This is the closest thing we have to rules, please give it a read. Really, it's important.

Each week we'll have a theme. A car and a circuit chosen for a reason – something iconic or historical with a proper origin story behind it. This is at the heart of what we're interested in – recreating or reimagining 'moments' from racing past within the pixels of Gran Turismo.

Remember Senna testing that NSX at Suzuka? In white socks and loafers? Sounds like a fantastic excuse for a 27Racers online race at Suzuka with NSXs. Maybe we'll reward drivers who can prove they were wearing said footwear with a prize from Nick Trott's automobilia pile...

We'll invite you to compete in a number of challenges, from individual sprints to full-on races. Livery competitions and a bunch of other stuff will keep you having fun. We'll encourage you to share your experiences on social media, which could be a screenshot of a lap time or a video of a perfectly executed drift. And if you don't know how to film, edit, and post clips – we do. So shout.

We're keen to promote the same respect in racing that is encouraged on the 'real' circuits of the world. We don't use other cars to brake; we look for gaps and don't make them if they don't exist. This is what we mean by 'quiet corner' – not that the racing is any less frantic, just that you're unlikely to be catapulted off tarmac by a gravity-bending concept car with traction control turned up to 11.

The main thing is we're open to this project developing as the community sees fit. We begin with Gran Turismo on PS4 because the reach is large, but we'll extend into other areas as we all demand it. Don't be shy, find us on Twitter and make the 27Racers your own.

*This project is not affiliated with any hardware manufacturers or game publishers, it's just for fun.